Cream or powder contour better for oily skin?

There are actually so many different eyewear styles on the market that it is difficult to select all of them often.

Therefore, many women actually want to buy the same eyeshadow repeatedly. It is important to know how to pick the right type if you want to experiment a little. It depends on other things such as what you wear, skin tone and hair color.

Although these are not difficult and fast rules, there are some general guidelines in choosing cream vs powder eyeshadow eye to wear.

If you have blue eyes, warm browns, warm grey-brown and peach are the best colors for you.

Golden browns, gray-browns, purple, soft fish and violet should be chosen for those with green or hazel eyes.

Grey eyes look fantastic with shades of black, blue, or purple, and those with brown eyes will wear almost any color. If you find it hard to figure out which color combination will better look at you, consider looking at pictures of the magazine to see what other women wear.

Whether you choose to wear cream eyeshadow, you can do a few things to keep it cool all day. When it is not properly applied, it will quickly absorb or remove the dropped eyelid.

In order to avoid these things, you should first apply a shadow base or a primary base, many of which also hydrate.

Using a gentle brush to spread the primer uniformly over the entire eyelid. Most eyebirds are sticky when applied first but dry out, so make sure to put your eyeshadow before the first dry so that your eye makeup can last. If you have dry skin, the best choice is a cream shadow.

Some women prefer powdered eyeshadows. You should follow the same basic powder and cream eyeshadow when applying this type of eye shadow as when using cream shadows. Start with a first and follow your eye shadow choice.

You may first use a dry sponge to apply the powder and then disseminate with a shadow brush, as the powder tends to stay more firmly on the sponge for the initial application. Yet it is much easier to use a brush to match the colors.

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