Which is better for hair biotin or collagen?

Dermatologists have been secretly recommending a biotin called B vitamin for hair loss for years, but there has been no research that demonstrated its benefits.

Why? Because it works, because it works

Biotin is very beneficial to us for hair disorders. It also thickens clots and makes oral biotin extremely healthy, even at large doses.

This is used specifically for alopecia, the medical term for men’s or women’s hair loss. Hair biotin and collagen helps to enhance hair growth and inflammation. The follicle of the hair, the skin and the nails all profit.

Why hair falls out?

biotinLoss of hair has many causes, several of which are systemic. When your hair breaks at the roots, something always goes wrong with your body or life.

Some medical conditions are associated with hair loss. Endocrine conditions, like pituitary, parathyroid, or adrenal gland problems, or the ovaries or testes, are amongst such. “For instance, menopausal women who bleed excessively will lose iron and hair loss causes anemia.

What is the difference between biotin and collagen?

It is important to understand what causes the hair loss, however forensic research may be needed. Dermatologists begin a detailed physical examination.

Then they look at your personal background and the past of your family. You should not only accept your diet, but also your workout habits. Then they test the medications and bloodwork (because some can cause hair loss).

Collagen is no mystery to be a protein and an adhesive that binds our bodies together, provides strength and elasticity to our skin and, as we age, replacements for dead cells.


However, all the ways that collagen can influence your hair are not so widely known.

Simply put, the protein can be used to replenish hair loss and make for stronger, luscious locks, and fortunately, there are plenty of collagen supplements on the market to promote healthy hair growth.

Enhances elasticity

Collagen is amino acid and hair follicle cells use amino acids to produce keratin protein that help hair growth, resistance and elasticity according to popular stylists.

Collagen helps increase hair and hair resistance and increases overall quality and also benefits from Omegas 3 and 6, which are perfect for moisturizing hair.

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