Can soda give you acne?

Soda is sweet, appealing and good, but definitely not health food.  Soda is good, nice and healthy. The chemicals, colors and sugars in soda can influence your body in any way–but do soda give acne?

Since soda may be sugar-laden or laden with candy than sugar additives, the myth has spread that drinking soda may contribute to your outbreak. But there is no clear proof that a link exists.

Nonetheless, certain conclusions can be made by looking at what soda is for your body. Any of these effects are known to cause outbreaks.

Soda has a lot of sugar — still ten teaspoons can be picked up by some bottles. Your recommended daily limit for added sugar is six teaspoons if you’re a man and nine; that’s a big sum to drink in one drink.


Drinking extra sugar every now and then won’t kill you — but you will have long-term health consequences if you drink saucer sodas every day. Drinking soda won’t give you diabetes instantly. Sure, you could encounter an unpleasant sugar crash that would then go on and on. And every time you drink a soda, since you are nervous to foresee all these issues and diseases, you are more likely to experience long-term health consequences— purely because of the negative effects of stress.

Nevertheless, persistent sugar overuse has been related to hormonal changes in the body. Insulin, for example, is a sugar-affected hormone. High insulin levels can affect other hormones in your body, such as estrogen and testosterone. The imbalance of these hormones will, in effect, cause your skin to break out.


Hormone imbalances are just one of the many possible causes of facial acne— and it doesn’t automatically mean you need a pimple to alleviate it. Again, no studies have ever certainly related soda cause acne.

Yet this domino effect of sugar is the root of the story. That’s why soda alone is one of the many drinks accused of triggering a breakdown.

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