Can you wear blusher and bronzer together?

Mineral pigments will give the skin a good, natural glow and stick, unlike conventional make-up, all day long without any touch ups, even if you are sucking or heading to the bath.

The primary use of mineral makeup blushers is to give color to cheeks, while mineral bronzers can be used anywhere in the face and body that typically produce color from the sun.

Steps for the application of wear blusher and bronzer together for mineral makeup.

Step 1

If the skin is dry, use the hydrating agent before applying the mineral makeup–it is easier to adhere to the well-hydrating skin.

If you begin with a base or just using blush or bronzer to improve your skin tone, if you have dry skin, add lotion to your face and neck a couple of minutes before you begin to add mineral makeup.

Step 2

Prepare your brush–Powdered mineral blushes and bronzers are best applied with high quality brush. Both wedged or flat top pins work well.

You don’t want to use a lot of stuff, so just pour a little mineral powder into your blush or bronzer jar top. Then put bronzer and blusher in the wall.

Ensure sure the mineral powder sticks to the brush uniformly and then tap the brush at the edge of the deck to remove any excess.

Step 3a

Apply Mineral Blush-Using a circulatory motion, buffer the minerals into the apples of your cheeks after the blush has been loaded into the brush.

A regular circular motion of the blush onto the skin enhances the pigment blend.

blusher and bronzer

Step 3b

Mineral Bronzer-Bronzer can be used before or after blush. The order you pick should be based on what you prefer personally. Select a bronzer which is just a few shades darker than your skin tone.

And note, you need just a very small amount to get started. More bronzer can also be applied later.

Once the bronzer is correctly placed on the brush, so it adheres to the bristles equally (Step 2), apply this on to areas of your face, or body, where it would usually bronze when exposed with the sun-your cheeks, your neck, your nose, your chin and your shoulders and a little on your hands.

Step 4

Double-check The Application to make sure it looks normal. When you are done with the application of mineral bronze and blush, the skin will still look much better.

The color should be added uniformly and balanced so that it appears natural and not composed. Don’t worry if you have applied too much of mineral or if you have applied it unevenly.

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