What is the difference between tanning accelerators and bronzers?

The same sort of make-up does not capture you every time you go for a group! Think this time special and amaze your mates with a tanned look. However, you don’t have to go to a living room or sunbathe to get the perfect tanned look.

Once it is time to buy a new tanning lotion, most people need a little advice once choosing the right lotion for their skin type and their tanning goals, if they don’t work in the tanning salon or tanning for some time.

You can achieve this natural sun-kissed look in no time with bronzers. You also have no risk of UV damage! What is the difference between tanning accelerators and bronzers?

Face bronzer types: bronzers are available in two kinds-bronzer powder and bronzer tanning lotions. Bronzer powders available in several shades only have to get brushed over your entire body and face to achieve this perfect ‘sunless tan.’

bronzers vs accelerators

But shimmering bronzing powder should only be used for highlighting your eyelids and cheekbones. If you want a tanned look that is more natural, liquid bronzers are the right choice.

Liquid bronzers stick best to your skin, and you’ll have a perfect sunless tanned look.

In addition to these two types, gel bronzers can also be found that are absorbed into the skin very easily. Mousse bronzers are a good alternative for dry skin.

All in all, self-tanning powders are ideal for fresh skin, while fluid bronzers are ideal for dry skin.

What’s bronzers vs accelerators?

An intensifier of tanning is a lotion that helps users to create a natural tan. Now that doesn’t mean that other lotions don’t help create a natural tan, but intensifiers don’t include bronzers, which just makes the tanner’s natural tanning color noticeable.

The most frequent intensifiers are filled with ingredients that moisturize the skin.

Tanning intensifiers are perfect for users who only begin to tan and are good for users who don’t care for bronzers and for breaking tanning plateaus.

Tanning plateau are observed for a period of time when tanners use the same tanning lotion and tanning bed.

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