Do you use bronzer before or after tanning?

You may think you don’t need a tanning lotion because you extend on a pillow. You really need it to keep your skin smooth and glistening.

You’ll end up with a dry, shiny skin without the lotion, and that’s never attractive. It’s not hard to apply the tanning bed lotion. It’s all about skin preparation and care during you use bronzer before or after tanning.

Could you use a standard tanning bed lotion?

No, you can and should not use standard tanning lotions in your tanning bed session. The simple answer to this question is no.

lotionThis is why: standard tanning lotions consist of ingredients that can harm the tanning beds. These ingredients accumulate on the bed surface over time and slowly begin to deteriorate.

Therefore, the majority of salon owners won’t allow you to use a normal lotion in their tanning rooms.

Although there are a wide variety of tanning lotions available on the market, you should only use unique tanning lotions designed for the tanning of a tanning bed.

If you want a beautiful golden skin, tanning lotions must be used indoors. These lotions are made from ingredients that feed your skin and make the tan stay longer.

The tanning process begins long before your tanning visit. You always have to try to buy your own tanning lotion.

tanningYou don’t want to depend on your skin with the right lotion. You’ll have your priorities, but they may rely on the majority of your customers ‘ needs–not yours. What about you use bronzer before vs after tanning.

The tanning indoors has different characteristics than the tanning outdoors. We have no SPF component at work, so that you can use tanning bed lotions or outdoor lotions.

Tanning bed lotions range from bronzing to hydrating creams. Only sprays may be used in a tanning bed.

UV rays are blocked in the sun lotion while lotions are used to radiate the tanning bed. The process is completely different, so it should not surprise that the lotions are also different.

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